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  • We're on the TV!

    We're on the TV!

    We are tickled pink (which happens to be one of our brand colours) to announce we're about to appear on the amazing, the excellent, the effervescently brilliant Channel 4 show Aldi's Next Big Thing.The show starts on Tuesday April 2nd...

  • 6 foods for better gut health

    6 foods for better gut health

    We’re all about the gut stuff here at Düng. Our snack bars contain the right combination of diverse fibres and inulin (via chicory root fibre) for good gut health. Gut health is widely believed to be the key to overall...

  • Pre-order a Düng bar, we dare you

    Pre-order a Düng bar, we dare you

    Düng isn't for everyone. It takes a brave soul to get past the name. To try something new. To stand out with their head above the parapet and proudly proclaim: "I TRIED A SNACK CALLED DÜNG AND I LOVED IT!" We're for all of you...

  • Why Düng was born

    Why Düng was born

    Growing up in the wilds of Newcastle we didn't have much other than love, friendship, and the wherewithal we were born with to carve a path that didn't involve prison, violence or worse. I remember going to school hungry at...