Aldi's Next Big Thing 2024

By Dung Snacks

Aldi's Next Big Thing 2024

Now that the dust has settled on Aldi's Next Big Thing 2024, we can safely say it was the most intense, interesting, exciting and worthwhile experience to date in our journey to bring healthy snacking to the masses.

We launched our first product in December 2023 and by May 2024 we were on national TV with our second product, making it through to the final but alas being pipped at the post by Fungi Foods.

In addition to being a whole lot of fun, other highlights following the show for us included these superlative stats:

→ 1100% increase in visitor sessions

→ 1624% increase in users

→ 397% increase in total sales

→ 30% increase in average engagement time

→ 31% increase in conversion rate

→ 71% decrease in average order value

And here are the brilliant brands that were involved in the various Aldi's Next Big Thing 2024 categories, with winners from each category.

Episode #1: Dinners

  • Winner: The Fabulous Catch Company
  • Malik Butchers
  • Stonehouse Smokery
  • Mabel’s Vegan Yorkshire Puddings
  • Chef Vickz’
  • Leonati Catering

Episode #2: Bakery

  • Winner: Flake Bake
  • WeeCOOK Kitchen
  • Baked in a Bun
  • Bowla Bread
  • Snackcidents
  • Wildcraft Bakery

Episode #3: Party

  • Joint winner: Nania’s Vineyard
  • Joint winner: Yorkshire Dama Cheese
  • Patchwork Foods
  • Shocken Foods
  • Humble Kusina
  • Slainte

Episode #4: Confectionary

  • Winner: Cluster Club
  • CBD Guru
  • Jeavon’s Toffee
  • Moosh Mallows
  • Whey Better
  • Wn Wn

Episode #5: World

  • Winner: Roni B’s Kitchen
  • Desert Island Dumplings
  • Jam N Vegan
  • Momma Cherri’s
  • Puff Puff Ministry
  • The Kebab Club

Episode #6: Healthy & Wholesome

  • Winner: Fungi Foods
  • Rooti-ful
  • Ginger Beer Shot
  • Granola Butter Co.
  • Simmer Eats
  • Düng

You can watch the Healthy & Wholesome episode of Aldi's Next Big Thing 2024 on the Channel 4 website or the Channel 4 catch up apps.

Thank you to all our customers for your support before and after the show, we couldn't have done it without you ❤️