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Delicious and substantial

The ultimate hangover cure

Delicious Dung!

I received my box of bars 5 days ago and put it this way.. I need to buy some more already!
They are very nice indeed. You often can never tell with protein bars as they sometimes taste bland and very uninspiring... not the case here! These dung bars are very more-ish!
The nutrition profile is brilliant too. They are a fantastic pre and post workout snack that delivers excellent nutrition.
Like I say, 12 in the box, 5 days later and I'm out... replan required.
stop debating and buy these! You will not be disappointed.

Enjoyed the protein packed snack!

Each one of them was very tasty and helped stave off hunger for those busy mornings or early afternoons 👍🏽

Substantial snack.

We loved these healthy and substantial snacks.


I bumped into this brand on Instagram. Easily the tastiest protein bar I've tried

Excellent bars in every way.

Very happy indeed.

Amazing flavour!

The dark chocolate and raspberry bars are packed with flavour and they're filling too. The bars are proving to be popular with the whole family, so I'm considering hiding them!

Guilt free decadence!

It's rare to find a healthy bar that does what it says on the tin. Dung bars aren't just good for guts - they're delicious and keep you fuller for longer with no nasties unlike most bars out there!
Dark chocolate and raspberry is my favourite so far - guilt free and very decadent!


I love the flavour of this product! Love the unusual combination - it’s light and super yummy. Well done Dung! Can’t wait for more products from this brand ✨✨✨

Super taste.

I really enjoyed the taste of the dark chocolate and raspberry, no bitterness which I’ve found with other similar bars.


Wow, these bars are fantastic. I would normally not purchase snack bars, as most are very expensive for what they are, and full of rubbish…

However, having tried these bars, I will definitely buy them again. No nasties, they taste amazing, and they are nutritionally so much better than anything else I have seen on the market. The best bit, you actually feel like you have eaten something healthy and fulfilling.

I have 3 kids, and they love these bars as well and I love the fact there is no sugar in them.

Fantastic product, fantastic name – well Dung! ;-)

Do you dare try Düng?

Pick up a Düng bar for a pick me up. An indulgent snack with the right amount of feel-good ingredients to keep you going throughout the day.