The facts

  • 150 million

    That's the number of children around the word missing out on meals, essential health and nutrition due to poverty and other global issues.

  • 45% mortality

    The percentage of deaths of children under 5 that are linked to lack of nutrition. That's almost half of all deaths of children under 5.

  • 2 million

    This is the number of children in the UK alone that don't have access to a healthy, nutritious diet. Around 4 million UK children live in poverty.

What we're doing

We're giving a portion of all our product sales to Action Against Hunger in addition to working with the team on life-saving initiatives and projects.

The future

Our partnership with Action Against Hunger is only the beginning. Very soon we plan to give a bar to a hungry child for every bar we sell. We're also creating a movement to get more brands to help solve this huge challenge.